Discover Bozeman’s Spirit: Crafted Excellence, Distilled in Montana’s Heart

Award Winning Spirits

When you start with great ingredients, the results are always better. Our attitude towards quality ensures the finished spirit meets our higher standards first.

SFW Spirits 2015 Silver
Sip NW 2017 Bronze
Sip NW 2017 Silver
Consumer's Choice Award 2015
American Distilling Institute 2018 Silver
The Fifty Best Domestic Vodka 2015 Gold
The Fifty Best Flavored Vodka 2015 Gold
The Fifty Best Gin 2015 Gold
bozeman spirits cowgirl with huckleberry vodka bottle
bozeman spirits cowgirl with huckleberry vodka bottle

Crafted from the Heart of the Wild West

Inspired by Bozeman’s rugged charm and outdoor ethos, our spirits capture the essence of Montana’s untamed beauty and adventurous lifestyle. For over 30 years, we’ve proudly embraced the Bozeman community. We actively support causes and organizations that resonate with our values. Each bottle reflects our commitment to quality, rooted in hard work, passion, and Montana’s natural beauty. Experience the essence of our heritage in every sip.

Harvesting Tradition: Our Commitment to Local Roots

We proudly embrace local roots, harvesting barley from our own farm and sourcing grains from Montana Milling. Our rickhouse, subject to Montana’s dramatic temperature shifts, ages our whiskies to perfection, resulting in uniquely flavorful spirits.

“We spent five weeks in Bozeman and the best place for a great drink and social contact was here.”

Frank M.

“The Huckleberry Vodka is a winner as is the gin. The Rye and Bourbon are excellent as well.”

Jack B.

Savor the Moment: Our Distillery Tasting Room Experience

Step into our distillery’s tasting room in downtown Bozeman and experience a world of flavor and camaraderie. Discover the perfect blend of charm and ambiance as you relax with friends and family while enjoying craft cocktails. Whether you’re a visitor or a local, our tasting room is the ideal destination to unwind and savor the essence of Bozeman’s spirit, one sip at a time. We also offer tours of our distillery!

Sip, Click, Enjoy: Bringing Our Spirits to Your Doorstep

Order Bozeman Spirits Online…

We’ll ship our spirits directly to your doorstep with our convenient online ordering. Whether you’re across town or across the country, enjoy the same unparalleled quality and craftsmanship from the comfort of your own home. With just a few clicks, you can explore our full range of offerings and have your favorite bottles delivered straight to you, ensuring that every moment is infused with the essence of Bozeman Spirits.

“The Gin has won many awards and can be drank straight, very nice. They have also won Best distillery in Bozeman award.”

Larry L.

“Pretty good spirits! I tried all of their whiskey and their gin and tequila.”

Jonathan M.

Featured Craft Cocktail Recipes

4 Huckleberry Cocktails You Can Make at Home

Try our brand’s distinctive spirits, each crafted with unique recipes and flavors that captivate the senses. Check out our recipe page or our socials to discover the secrets behind our signature cocktails. Whether you’re unleashing your inner mixologist or visiting our distillery for an unforgettable tasting experience, every sip will be one of a kind. 

About Us

 A Note from Jim & Mary Pat Harris, Founders

When you’re in Bozeman, there’s no telling what the weather may bring any given day. But you can count on the goodwill of the people you’ll meet here. It’s almost like they knew enough to get here as soon as they could. And so did you. Even if you’re just visiting, that makes you in on the secret, too.

So you both share a recognition of this special place. Gratitude that runs this deep in a community makes for good vibes. Maybe you share a smile, or a nod. Stick around and you might become friends – Welcome to Bozeman.

Order Bozeman Spirits Online…

and We’ll Ship to Your Door.

Order Bozeman Spirits Online…and We’ll Ship to Your Door.